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Dark Witches 2017: Prompting Post!


Welcome to the 2017 darkwitches prompt fest! We are a Harry Potter fic and art fest focusing exclusively on dark femmeslash pieces. All femmeslash pairings are welcome. This is our prompting post!

Prompting Rules
♥ There is a limit of 10 prompts per person.

♥ You do not have to claim a prompt in order to submit one, or vice versa.

♥ When submitting prompts, please make sure you only have one prompt per post.

♥ Prompts can be pairing specific, or you can just put 'any'.

♥ There are three restrictions: real person fiction (RPF), crossovers and underage characters in sexual situations (under 16 being underage).

♥ Please remember that prompts are guidelines only, and your prompt may not be filled exactly as requested. Please try not to submit prompts that are too specific or detailed.

♥ Prompts can be claimed ONCE for fic and ONCE for art.

The definition of dark subject matter used for this fest is:
Psychological trauma, non-consensual sexual situations, major angst, tragedy, abuse, grief, drug use, horror, violence, torture, pure evil, good intentions gone wrong, Voldemort-Wins, Death Eater and/or Azkaban scenarios and so on, for I'm sure there are many more that I haven't even thought of yet. Ratings are usually PG-13 or above.

Note: Consensual BDSM and role-play fics alone are not dark, for the women are consenting. However, they are perfectly welcome if they are included in a piece that has clear dark elements in it.

The full list of fest rules can be found here.


If you'd like to pimp the fest, please use the following banner via the textbox below! We'd be very grateful :)

Come and get your dark femmeslash fix at darkwitches!
Prompting is now open!

Let's get to actually prompting!

To prompt, please use the following form:

Prompting closes on the 14th April, and the claiming post will be put up on the 17th April. You will have a chance to peruse prompts before claiming opens! Any questions, please either PM me directly or email the fest account darkwitchesfest@gmail.com.
Tags: !prompting, year: 2017
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