Dark Witches

Community Dilemma

We have a bit of a dilemma, in that we only received 22 prompts for our 2017 Dark Witches fest. I don't want to put on a fest that nobody is interested in, so I thought I'd ask the community what they thought the best course of action was. Since the fest hasn't run since 2013, I think the problem is that we haven't got a lot of the newer people to fandom.

I'd be very grateful if you could take part in this short poll :)

Poll #2066748 What should we do about the fest?

What do you think is the best option?

Extend prompting and advertise more
Open claiming with the 22 prompts received
Give up on the fest
Other (please reply in comments)

If you think we should extend prompting, how much longer should we give?

Any and all comments will be very much appreciated ♥
Dark Witches

Dark Witches Rules 2017

Welcome to darkwitches 2017! We are a Harry Potter fic and art fest focusing exclusively on dark femmeslash pieces. All femmeslash pairings are welcome. All works you see here will contain material that is unsuitable for those under the age of 18.

2017 Timeline
Prompting: 1st - 14th April
Claiming: 17th April
Submissions due: 1st July
Posting starts: 10th July

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Dark Witches

Dark Witches 2017!

I'm happy to announce that darkwitches is returning this year for it's third round! There is one major change, and that's the style of the fest. The last two fests were exchange fests, however I think this time we'll try it as an anonymous prompt based fest.

As such, the timeline is as follows:

Prompting: 1st - 14th April
Claiming: 17th April
Submissions due: 1st July
Posting starts: 10th July

Rules and pimping banners will follow in the next few weeks. I really hope you'll join me for this year's fest!
HP - Molly

Pimping: HP Horror Fest

We would love for you to bring your dark femslash to HP Horror Fest. Prompting has been extended for another week, so please do come along and leave some prompts and keep an eye on the comm for claiming. Enjoy!

Horror Fest Banner 3
F - Military

Pimping: HP Horror Fest 2014

Horror Fest

Are you looking for an excuse to write more dark femmeslash before the Darkwitches exchange fest? If so, then come and check out the delicious prompts at Horror Fest and leave us a few more! Prompting closes on 8 February and claiming opens 10 February.
Dark Witches

Femmefest 2014!

Our lovely affiliate, femmefest, is currently holding sign-ups for their 2014 fest!


Banner takes you straight to the sign-up page :) It's your last chance to take part, as sign-ups close tomorrow on Monday 20th January!

They are another of the very few femmeslash-centric fests for Harry Potter, so as femmeslash HP fans (and as they always produce absolutely wonderful fic and art), what are you waiting for?! Go and sign-up! :D